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Is Outside Money Added to Black Cat Pool Tour Events? 

We are currently seeking Additional Sponsorships that will allow us to include added money at ALL EVENTS.


Is Money Taken From Entry Fees by Black Cat Pool Tour? 

Other than the advertised Green Fees, $0 Monies are taken out of the Players Prize Fund.


Why is there a Tour Fee to play in Black Cat Pool Tour events? 

Like any organization, Black Cat Pool Tour must cover its expenses.  Running events properly requires computers, cameras, tripods, travel costs, website costs, and numerous miscellaneous supplies.  The Annual Tour Fee helps pay for these and other expenses.


Why should I play with Black Cat Pool Tour when I am already a member of another tour? 

Black Cat Pool Tour is the newest and fastest growing, and most committed to becoming the very best Pool Tour in the D.M.V. Metropolitan Area.  Our Mission is to have the most organized, best run, Tournaments in our area catering to the Average to Above Average Player Preparing them for Higher Levels of Competition with the best payouts, and be the preferred pool tour in The Region.


Does my yearly Tour Fee expire at the end of the current season? 

Yes.  Your Annual "Black Cat Pool Tour" Tour Fee is valid only for current calendar year. 


How many events will be held each Season? 

You Must Play in a Minimum of 7 Events to Qualify for The Year End Event, and Finish in the Top 32.  Our goal is to hold 7-11 events per Calendar Year.  Every player receives points based on their finishing position in each Tour Event.  The higher you finish the more points you receive.


When does The Black Cat Pool Tour Season begin and end? 

Each New Season begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.


Are Black Cat Pool Tour matches handicapped? 

Yes & No.  We are currently developing both an Open Non Handicapped and a BCD Handicapped Format which will allow our Top Level Players to compete separately from our Mid-Level Aspiring Players.  We believe that this will create a Level of Events that will prove to be both competitive and rewarding to a wider range of players.  Which will create larger turnouts for all events, equaling higher prize purses and happier players?


How are players ranked to determine their entry fee, and handicap? 

The Tournament Director will rank a player based on personal knowledge of their skill level or the opinion of fellow players.  If the player is completely unknown, the Tournament Director will explain the rankings to the player and trust that he or she will be honest.  After all, if the player is dishonest, it will not affect the outcome of any match - only what the person paid to play (which will be quickly adjusted for subsequent events).  In our BCD Format any outright deliberate attempt to play at a Handicap lower than ability will result in forfeiture of entry fees and any monies that would have been awarded.  Additionally, said player would be disqualified for current event, multiple infractions would warrant suspension or, banishment from Black Cat Pool Tour.


What are the future plans for Black Cat Pool Tour? 

Expansion!!! Pool Tours are in a perpetual circle that always comes back to the same point: players want larger payouts (which can only come with larger sponsorships) sponsors want larger turnouts (which typically come with larger payouts).  We believe that by holding highly organized professional quality events that players genuinely enjoy will cause them to continue to come and the turnouts will continually get larger.  When this happens, sponsors will line up and get behind us, resulting in larger payouts and larger turnouts.


How can I help Black Cat Pool Tour Grow? 

The very best way is to come out and do what you love to do – Shoot Pool!  There are many other ways to show your support:

  • Spread the word to anyone and everyone about Black Cat Pool Tour

  • "Like" Black Cat Pool Tour on Facebook

Purchase Tour Merchandise profits after expenses goes to The Delta- 13 Super Break Rack

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