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Welcome to the 2022 BCPT Season!!! Thank God we all made it through 2021 un-effected by COVID-19; we are going to continue all programs that were in effect since 2020.  We fell short of our Membership Goals last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic; however the Formula for Success generated $2,400.00 in added money for our End of Year Championship Events.


The Annual Tour Fee Will Increase Back to $25.00 Dollars. $15.00 of the Annual Tour Fee will be placed into an interest-bearing account. Our Goal is 200 Active Players this will generate $1,500.00 for each of our player divisions i.e.: Open Division & 549 Below Division (Based on 200 Active Players) This Fund will go into the Prize Fund for the Year-End Events as it has for the past 2 Seasons.


$2 Dollars of each Tournament Green Fee will be deducted and deposited into the Prize Fund Account. 

$1 Dollar of each Tournament Green Fee will be deducted and added to the Break Pot, each Entrant will receive 1 Ticket with their entry, and additional tickets may be purchased separately.


The Tournament Fee Contribution last year was $1,200.00 Dollars added to the Prize Fund for both Top 32 Year-End Events.


We are actively seeking more Sponsorship Opportunities which will bring in more added money. For our Tour to survive we need growth.


To also encourage more Ladies to participate in our Mixed Events the Highest Finishing Lady will receive $50 regardless of her finishing position in the Event as a Whole!!!

These are just some of the changes for 2024 to make us the best Event in the Region!!! More to come; if there is anything that you the players would like to see let me know. We’ve already taken several things into account and made changes to the Tournament Format, Races, and Handicaps, let's continue the push!!

~Black Cat~

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