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Progressive Break & Run Contest


Participants must be playing in the current Event, and must purchase Tickets, $2 = 1 Ticket, $5 = 3 Tickets & $10 = 10 Tickets.  We will pull 1 ticket per Event; the winner has the opportunity to Break 1 Rack of 10 Ball.


They must make at least 1 ball on the Break without scratching to get the option to continue.  After the Break they have to make a skill shot to get paid for any balls made on the Break, all balls and pockets must be called. 


The 10 Ball only counts for 1 Ball playing it early would end your turn and you will only be paid for the number of balls made.  You may quit at any time and get paid for the balls made, if you decide to go for it and you miss a shot or if the called ball goes in an incorrect pocket you lose all progress and get paid nothing. Example:  Pot Total = $200, Ball Value = $20, 4 Balls Made = $80 miss the next shot you get $0 you must run the Entire Rack to get the Pot.


The Break Pot Fund Will Be Capped at $500.00 once reached a separate fund will begin to accumulate.  Should a 3rd fund begin to accumulate, the 2nd fund will be placed into the main fund increasing its total.  The Goal is to have a minimum of $500.00 in the Break Pot at all times.  In the unlikely event that no one wins the Break Pot all year all accumulated Funds will go into the Prize Fund for the Year End Event.

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